To date, we have constructed 11 single stone-built houses (land B1, B3, B4, C) in an area of 16,000M2, while another 3 single houses (land B2) and a traditional housing complex of 20 houses have been studied in an area of 20,000M2, as you can see from the application below.
All houses are amphitheatrically located with a magnificent view of the see and the picturesque Gythio bay. Each house has its own pool (private or common), garden with its own live trees and parking space.

All the houses maintain Mani’s traditional architecture, have unique design and are harmonically incorporated into the natural landscape. The 11 single houses are under construction, while there is an opportunity to develop the rest of the houses that have been studied, or not.

For more information regarding the technical description of the houses, plese click here.