The current technical description refers to the materials that have been used and the work that has been conducted with regards to the development of the 11 single houses as well as their surrounding space.

Building Structure

Bearing Structure Reinforced concrete C16/20-Steel reinforcement S500
Outer Wall Joint stones (from Mani, Greece) insulated by polysterine panels and reinforced with galvanized steel netting ECO BEST.
Internal Walls Bricks 10 & 15cm
Roof Wooden bearing structure, insulated, waterproof lining and covered by Roman roof tiles
Inclined reinforced concrete slab, insulated, waterproof lining and covered by Roman roof tiles
Stucco lining Reinforced stucco, 4cm thick, with polypropylene fibers
Waterproofing – Heat Insulations, linings Basement wall
  • Waterproofing admixture
  • Cement-based, brushable sealing slurry
  • High density polyethylene drainage membrane with polypropylene geotextile and slip sheet
  Stone joints: Mortars with special construction retins
  Roofs (inclined):
  • Roofing membrane – Vapour barrier
  • Rockwool 100Kgr, 50mm thick
  • Waterproofing membrane
  Roofs (horizontal):
  • Elastomer bituminous emulsion
  • Heat insulation DOW plates, 80mm thick
  • Waterproofing membrane
Floor lining Basements: Terracotta tiles glued in cement mortar layer
  Ground floor (Kitchen-Sitting room-WC): Terracotta tiles glued in cement mortar with visible joints, 5mm thick
  1st floor (Bedrooms): Wooden floor by parquet 22mm thick
  Roofs: Terracotta tiles glued in cement mortar layer
  Verandas: Special terracotta tiles for open spaces
Staircase lining Basement to ground floor staircase: steps covered by terracotta tiles
  Ground floor to 1st floor staircase: steps covered by wooden planks
Wall lining WC: Terracotta wall tiles, Η=2,00Μ
Bottom lining of the frames Windows:
  • Hand made from stone slabs (from Mani, Greece), 10cm thick
  • Wooden frame covering, 3cm thick
  Outer doors-Balconies: Marble slab
Outer frames Imported (Germany/ Slovenia), wooden frames “Merandi”, double insulation, waterproofing rubber strips, Roto mechanisms
  Outer doors: Single lief, paneled with 3-points lock
  Windows: Single pane, double pane, 3-way opening (tiltable, side opening, fully open)
  Balconies: Single pane, double pane, 3-way opening (tiltable, side opening, fully open)
  Window shutters: Internally dressed with plywood
  Pane insect screens: Opening vertically
  Paint: Electrostatic paint in RAL colors
Internal frames Wooden pressed MDF, 45mm thick
Storage and boiler room doors Steel doors covered with galvanized sheets with cooling louvers
Window panes Imported, double pane windows (4-16-4)
Garage doors Single, steel doors, opening to the roof
Kitchen cabinets Imported (Italy), floor cabinets, installed as per floor plans, equipped with drawer column, aluminum plate holder, placement for utensils, waste bin and immured electric appliances (kitchen, washer, etc.)
  Cabinet doors, 18mm thick and kitchen bench by Bakelite, 40mm thick
  Stainless steel kitchen sink- mixed battery-extractor fan drawing over the kitchen
Bedrooms cabinets Height to the ceiling with mid compartment
Drawers’ internal surfaces (boxes) from white melamine
Opening or drawing MDF doors
Fire places Prefabricated fire places with cast iron covered walls or with fire bricks, built chimneys
Paints Environmentally friendly colors
Porches Main beams, beams from squared roof timber

Electromechanical Installations

Water piping Hot/cold water piping from Polymutan pipes, thickness 3,2mm and Polo-parts class1/10bar
Sewage piping Sewage : Horizontal and vertical sewage piping from PVC 6atm
  Rain drainage :
  • Open horizontal galvanized gutters
  • Underground PVC pipes connected to the rain water tank
  • Free open space flow
Bathroom appliances Made from white porcelain IDEAL-STANDARD (Toilet, water basin, shower, mixed batteries)
Power System Smart computer-controlled house (Intelligent Houses) through touch screen controller and GSM-Internet over the phone
Capability to control lighting-ECU-alarm and utilities 3-phase Power Control box with separate Power Control box per level and for the surrounding landscape lighting, Main Power line 5 x 25mm
Separate lines for:
lights, power sockets, Dimer, kitchen, washers (dish and clothes), Boiler, ECU, thermostats, electro vanes
Building external lighting through:
spot lights, upper and downward light beams, leds
Control/ Communication lines Independent lines in the bedrooms and sitting room for:
  • Data (UTP 4΄΄, Cat6)
  • Telephone (UTP 4΄΄, Cat6)
  • TV (RG 59)
  • Entrance control system through (CCTV)
Alarm system/ zones:
  • 8-zone control panel, keypad LCD
  • Magnetic touch sensors on all doors/ windows
  • Movement sensors – Smoke sensors
  • Sirens (interior-exterior)
ECU system Heating-cooling of all main areas through central air and water heat pump, made by Altherma system of Daikin with:
  • Individual room fan coils
  • Control louvers
  • Copper insulator feeder lines
  • Independent room thermostats

Surrounding Landscape

Landscaping Landscaping through creation of different levels (excavations, filling, etc.)
Land Boundaries Definition of the outer land boundaries through stone wall, 50cm thick and 1,10 cm height
Landscape levels Stone walls, 50cm thick
Outside sitting areas Floor concrete slabs covered with irregular shaped stone slabs
Walkways Reinforced concrete walkways
Staircases Handmade stepping stones from Mani
Ramps Industrial antiskid concrete floor
Rain gutters Concrete rain gutters in ground covered by heavy duty industrial steel grate covers
Main entrance gate Gate by galvanized steel sheets, reinforced by 80 x 80 tubes and decorated by steel slates
Tank for rain collection In ground reinforced concrete with water tank, internally insulated by waterproof cement mortar
Power lines Underground power lines, wells for future needs
Landscape lights Waterproof light fixtures in outer walls, levels, ramps, sitting areas, staircases & main entrance
Water pressure system Water pressure system – GRP tank of 2,0Μ3
Swimming pool Bearing structure by reinforced concrete
Internally painted surface
Overflow system with surrounding channel
Ceramic tiles surrounding the pool
Equipment room, light
Wastewater treatment system Prefabricated wastewater treatment system from septic tanks, first level treatment, biodegeneration reaction tank, second level treatment tank
Planting soil Landscape areas covered with specially treated planting soil